What is a VIN and where can I find it?

Vehicle identification number VIN — a unique vehicle code consisting of 17 characters. The code provides information about the manufacturer and characteristics of the vehicle, and the year of manufacture. The code structure is based on ISO 3779-1983 and ISO 3780 standards. Identification numbers are applied (stamped) on non-removable components of the body or chassis and on specially made number plates (nameplates):
·         on the front door frame
·         on the dashboard near the windscreen;
·         directly on the engine;
·         on the bracket supporting the radiator;
·         in the vehicle passport, vehicle registration certificate,
·         the warranty card / technical inspection card or in the car insurance policy.
The identification number (VIN ) is indicated by Arabic numerals and Latin letters of the symbols assigned to the vehicle.
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Before buying a car on the secondary market, you need to carefully look at the places where the code is applied. There should be no traces of paint and noticeable changes in code elements, mechanical mashing, corrosion, or welds. Letters and numbers must be at the same level, printed in the same style, and of the same thickness.
And remember that the VIN can't contain the Latin letters I, O, and Q (because of the similarity to the numbers 1 and 0).


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