What does the car's VIN code mean?

We will talk about the VIN code of the car, and more specifically how to decipher it and what this set of numbers and letters means . After all, many do not even assume that the VIN contains a lot of useful information, starting from the factory where the car was assembled and ending with its configuration . Let's take it in order .

Every vehicle has its own identification number. It consists of seventeen characters-numbers and letters, thanks to which you can find out all the "background" of the car, and not only information about when, where and by whom it was released, but also track whether the car was stolen and crashed, did not sink or burn. Having this information when buying a used car allows you to avoid the risks of buying a "problem" car.
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The identification number has sections (parts) that contain significant characters – Arabic numerals from zero to nine and Latin letters (with the exception of I, O, Q, because these characters can be easily transferred to others). You can also use separators that mark the beginning and end of the code, or several parts that separate it from each other. These signs should be different from the others.


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